Current lab members

Dr. Karin Crowhurst
Principal investigator
About me: I grew up in western Canada (Calgary and Vancouver) but travelled east to pursue my university degrees. During undergrad (at Queen’s University) I met my future husband and entertained myself by making contact explosives. I continued my education at the University of Toronto where I completed my PhD in Biochemistry and Biomolecular Structure in the Forman-Kay lab before moving to Los Angeles in 2003 to join the Mayo lab at Caltech for my postdoc. I joined CSUN as an Assistant Professor in 2007. Since then my students and I have worked hard to move our research forward, and create a fun and inclusive lab environment.
Other interests: I have been a radio DJ in my past and in rare periods of spare time these days I like to make stuff and go exploring (locally and globally). I also have a garden and grow amazing tomatoes and berries and veggies in the summer.

David Hammer 
Undergraduate student, Chemistry
Joined: fall 2020 

About me: I am relatively new to California, I moved here 6 years ago and transferred to CSUN 2 years ago to finish my Chemistry degree. I have always loved learning about how things work and chemistry has always helped with that curiosity. My journey here though has been all over the place: Before my most recent job and this lab I worked at Home Depot, a shooting range as a range safety officer, guitar teacher and the local computer repair guy for my neighborhood/ family. I was excited to join this lab because I wanted to extend my knowledge on NMR and its multitude of uses, and I’m happy to say I was right to assume that.
Other interests: Riding motorcycles, Competitive shooting (IPSC), scuba diving, making custom computers / servers, guitars and music, almost anything science or space related.

Akemi Hinzer 
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: summer 2018 

About me: I am a second generation L.A. native, and though I have been lucky to travel, I’ve lived here my whole life. Through the past ten years, I have worked as an auto mechanic, rock climbing instructor, and as cake decorator among other things. I’m now returning to college to pursue biochemical research. I feel so fortunate to be taken in by such a capable and patient lab.
Other interests: I love gardening, hiking, and I’m trying to convince myself that I enjoy cooking. I rock climb and scuba dive, and always make time for crossword puzzles.



Nicholas Mead 
Graduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: fall 2020 

About me: some very shy new people in this lab…
Other interests: TBA.


Hiep Nguyen 
Graduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: summer 2019 

About me: Hiep has steadfastly refused to enter information here.
Other interests: Assume he has no interests.

Debra Shin Duguil 
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: fall 2020 

About me: I am Filipino-Korean, born in the Philippines. I’ve always been a bird person (had pigeons and chickens growing up) now I have two cockatiels, Artemis and Freya. Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed learning about different aspects of sciences. It was not until my second year in high school that I realized chemistry was the subject that intrigued me most. I am so honored to be part of a welcoming and extremely talented lab.
Other interests: I enjoy singing, calligraphy, and dancing, specifically contemporary. I like to model from time to time.