Current lab members

Dr. Karin Crowhurst
Principal investigator
About me: I grew up in western Canada (Calgary and Vancouver) but travelled east to pursue my university degrees. During undergrad (at Queen’s University) I met my future husband and entertained myself by making contact explosives. I continued my education at the University of Toronto where I completed my PhD in Biochemistry and Biomolecular Structure in the Forman-Kay lab before moving to Los Angeles in 2003 to join the Mayo lab at Caltech for my postdoc. I joined CSUN as an Assistant Professor in 2007. Since then my students and I have worked hard to move our research forward, and create a fun and inclusive lab environment.
Other interests: I have been a radio DJ in my past and in rare periods of spare time these days I like to make stuff and go exploring (locally and globally). I also have a garden and grow amazing tomatoes and berries and veggies in the summer.

Lannah Abasi 
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: summer 2017 

About me: I was born in Southern California and am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I aspire to pursue graduate studies after my degree, and to become a career researcher. My interests include peptides, proteins, and neuroscience. I look forward to learning a great deal about HdeB, and protein NMR.
Other interests: I enjoy running, gaming, reading, traveling and spending time with my family, friends, and cat.

Imex Aguirre-Cardenas 
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: spring 2019 

About me: 
Other interests: 



Jonathon Benson 
Graduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: fall 2016 

About me: I was born in Southern California, and earned a B.S. in Biology from California Lutheran University. After my undergraduate education I worked for a few years as a hiking guide and a statistical technician in Juneau, Alaska. I then decided I wanted to further my education to meet my career goal of working in the biotech industry. My lab interests lie in both wet lab and computation and I am excited to study HdeA protein dynamics using NMR in the Crowhurst lab.
Other interests: I enjoy Hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, cooking, reading, and board games.

Dane Geddes-Buehre 
Graduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: fall 2017 

About me: I am a Southern California native that grew up in the Antelope Valley. I attended Antelope Valley College and transferred to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UCSD. Lab work has always been my interest so I knew a Master’s degree by thesis is what I wanted to pursue. I will be investigating the protein HdeA in varying pH values via protein NMR along with other experiments to examine conformation and dynamics. After I graduate I plan to either pursue a PhD or work in Biotechnology.
Other interests: 
I enjoy being outdoors and road trips to new places. My latest hobbies has been Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things in both school and my free time.

Akemi Hinzer 
Student, Biochemistry
Joined: summer 2018 

About me: I am a second generation L.A. native, and though I have been lucky to travel, I’ve lived here my whole life. Through the past ten years, I have worked as an auto mechanic, rock climbing instructor, and as cake decorator among other things. I’m now returning to college to pursue biochemical research. I feel so fortunate to be taken in by such a capable and patient lab.
Other interests: I love gardening, hiking, and I’m trying to convince myself that I enjoy cooking. I rock climb and scuba dive, and always make time for crossword puzzles. 

Narek Janikian 
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: spring 2019 

About me: 
Other interests: 



Julie Jimenez 
Graduate student, Biochemistry
Re-joined: fall 2014 

About me: I was born in Los Angeles. Growing up science was always an interest of mine which grew into a passion. I received my Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at CSUN in 2013. After graduation I worked at Medtronic for a year as a research associate in their glucose sensors R&D department. While industry provided new knowledge, I decided to further my biochemistry education at CSUN as a graduate student. I plan on pursuing a PhD after receiving my M.S.
Other interests: I enjoy cooking, reading and spending time with my friends and family.

Selin Rostami
Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
Joined: fall 2018 
About me: I grew up in Los Angeles, but I’ve spent quite some time in England, visiting my family. My favorite thing to do in London has always been to visit their world famous museums time after time. My love for science started at the age of seven when I saw the massive Diplodocus carnegii at the Natural History Museum in London. Ever since then, I have been fascinated with all aspects of science. I have been fortunate enough to have done research at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Country where I worked with fish and mollusks. I also had the opportunity to travel to Baja California for a marine biology course where I spent the best two weeks of my life swimming with whale sharks, sea lions, and experiencing the untouched habitat. I am extremely excited to be a part of this lab because I will be able to better understand and appreciate living organisms at the biochemical level.
Other interests: I enjoy spending time at the beach, going to orchestral concerts and musicals, traveling to tropical places and spending time with my loved ones.